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From: Mr Skinny
Subject: Geeks Get Hot - 4-BradDisclaimer:The following piece of fiction contains explicit descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adult males aged over the age of 18. Please do not
read further if the subject matter might offend you. If you are aged under
18 (or 21 if that is the law in your state or country) please leave this
site without reading further.
Note from Author:This part of the story is told by Brad. To read the chapter's events from
Anthony's perspective, go back to the main `Geeks Get Hot' folder.
Geeks Get Hot (part 4) � BradIt had been a good day. We had spent a relaxed afternoon unpacking
Anthony's cases, although there was one case (the one I'd tried to sort out
earlier) that he said was private and made me wait outside the room while
he unpacked it. I guess it probably had some porn magazines and some lube
and other jack-off related shit in it that he was a bit embarrassed about
me seeing. Fair enough I girls russian cp suppose. I'd rather die than let him see some of
the porn I use when I jerk off.He must have had his underwear in there too, because although we unpacked a
whole load of jeans, shirts and socks together, I didn't see a single pair
of briefs or boxers. Unless he doesn't wear underwear at all. There's a
thought! A good cock-twitching one!We went and grabbed some food from the cafeteria, and then I helped him
connect his laptop up to the college network and log in to check his new
college email account.We'd just finished all that, when there was a knock at our dorm door. We
both looked at each other. By now, I'd realised that Anthony was also a
little shy, (although probably not as timid as me) and both of us were a
little nervous of answering the door. Finally, I took some deep breaths,
and walked over to the door to open it.Two tanned guys stood in the corridor. One had bleached blonde hair and was
wearing cut-off jeans and a dark green tshirt, the other had a yellow
tshirt with the `Futurearama' characters on the middle, white shorts with a
navy blue flowered pattern down the legs, and a red baseball cap on his
head. Both had quite hairy legs and were barefoot."Hey!" cp defloration
the one with the baseball cap said. "We're in the room next door and
wondered if you and your roommate fancied coming in and having a few games
on our X-Box. We've got some other guys from the corridor interested. We're
gonna order pizza and just get to know each other. Do you fancy it?"I felt a bit tongue-tied, and looked behind me at Anthony for reassurance."Yes, sounds like fun," he said."Wow, are you from England?" The baseball cap guy asked. "That's totally
cool! I never met anyone from England before." He and his horny cp child porn roommate came
into the room to shake Anthony's hand. Anthony made sure to introduce me to
them too, and they said they were pleased to meet me. Then we all went next
door to play on their X-Box and eat the pizza they'd ordered.At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed being surrounded by so many
people. Anthony was a bit of the centre of attention, with everyone keen to
hear about life in England, and his first year at college. I'm not sure how
much he enjoyed the attention, but he kept smiling and making jokes. He
really was funny.I started off my usual quiet self, unsure of how the guys would react to
me, as at high school, the only time cp bondage gallery
anyone paid attention to me was to
insult me or beat me up. But as we played and watched others playing, I
found myself relaxing a bit, and even talking a little to some of the other
guys, and they seemed interested in what I had to say.Pretty soon, it was midnight, and I was feeling quite tired. Anthony had
started yawning a lot. He said he was still jetlagged. We decided we'd head
off back to our own room to bed and said good night to the guys. All in all
it had been a real nice cp porno image evening, the cp defloration sort I cp malyshok pretten
wished I'd had more of when I
was in high school, just chilling with friends and playing video games.I walked with Anthony to dee and desi cp the bathroom where we each washed our face,
brushed our teeth and took a leak. Then we made our way back to our dorm
room. I went over to illegal cp videos the wardrobe and put away my wash stuff and towel,
then mirrored Anthony by sitting on my bed and taking off my shoes and
socks.Then we both kind of sat there on our own beds hesitating. I was starting
to feel a bit self-conscious at the thought of taking off my shirt and
pants in front of Anthony. My mind strayed back to the changing rooms at
high school and all the shit I'd had to put up with. The teasing and
tormenting I'd been russian sex cp forced to endure.But me and Anthony had been getting on fine all day. I was fairly sure he
wasn't going to child tits cp kiddie laugh at me when he saw how thin my body was. In fact, he
looked pretty skinny himself, there probably wasn't going to be much
difference between our bodies under our clothes. Besides, we had to share a
room together for the next year, and were going to have to get changed in
front of each other every single day.While I sat trying to get the courage up to begin stripping off my clothes,
Anthony suddenly got up off his bed, and, turning sideways to me, started
pulling his tshirt off over his head. I watched him, relieved that he had
made the first move and showed me that he was cool with stripping rape cp video off in
front of me.He turned to put his tshirt into his dirty washing cp defloration
basket, and I took the
chance to check him out properly. As I'd thought, he was thin, elite cp porn with some of
his ribs clearly on show. His nipples were a bit larger in diameter than my
own, and a very pale pink. His chest was hairless, but starting about an
inch above his belly button, a dark brown line of bushy hair led downwards,
disappearing beneath the waistband banned cp mpg of his pants. I couldn't help thinking
at banned cp mpg how much less hair I had in the same place.As I stared at where his inviting treasure trail vanished, his hands came
into my eyeline and he started unfastening his belt, getting ready to take
his jeans off. I quickly looked away from him, not wanting to creep him
out, or seem like I was openly gawping at him. I stood up and took my own
tshirt off. While I was disposing of it in my dirty washing basket, there
was a bit of a pause in the jangling sound of Anthony undoing his belt, and
I could feel his eyes sweeping over me.I felt a little self-conscious, not sure what he was thinking of me, and
stared at the floor, not wanting to catch his eye. As I inspected the
carpet, there was the sound of a zipper, and then into my eyeline fell
Anthony's jeans. They lay around his ankles for a second, and then he
stepped first one foot and then the other out of them.Which meant he was cp network pics wearing just...Or maybe nothing at all...A whole load of possible images flew through my mind. I tried to keep
myself under control, fearful that I might spring a boner in front of
him. That would just be too embarrassing! Luckily, the discomfort and
self-consciousness I was feeling at standing bare-chested in front of him
was helping to keep my hormones at bay...for the time being at least.I hurriedly pulled cp girls
down my own jeans until I stood wearing just my navy
blue briefs. I threw my jeans over the back of my desk chair. They'd
probably be good to wear for one more day. Then I allowed myself a glance
over at Anthony.He was wearing a pair of tight, plain black boxerbriefs. His cock and balls
made a plump round bulge right in the center of them directly below where
his treasure trail disappeared into the waistband. I opened my mouth to say
something witty like "I had you down for a briefs guy � guess I was
wrong", but I couldn't summon up the courage to say it in the end, so I
shut my mouth back up and just drank in the sight of him standing in his
underwear, or as much as I could without seeming too obvious. I could feel
his eyes running over me in my navy blue briefs at the same time. A cp softcore natural
reaction. cp kids
All guys do it. Subconsciously check out each other's bodies I
mean. At the gym, in the showers, in the changing rooms. It doesn't mean
anything.I was small girlscp
starting to feel a bit awkward (not to mention cold!) standing there
motionless in just my briefs, and I pulled back the covers on my bed. As I
turned back from doing that, I swear I saw the bulge in Anthony's
boxerbriefs moving, maybe even protruding a little more than it had been a
few seconds ago. I felt my own dick moving a little, even starting to chub
up slightly. What can I say? I'm not used to being in such close proximity
to a half-naked guy! I'm a red-blooded male, cp malyshok pretten
nearly permanently horny, of
course I'm going to get turned on by near-nakedness!Before Anthony could notice my own hardening dick becoming more prominent
in my briefs (that would just be too embarrassing for words, openly
springing a boner in front of him just a day after meeting him. He'd think
I was some sick sex-obsessed pervert or something) I quickly jumped into my
bed and pulled the covers up to beneath my naked arms. I took my glasses
off, folded the arms and laid them gently on the bedside table next to my
bed.Anthony walked over to kill the lights, and I was treated to a profile view
of his package encased boy cp sites in russian illegal cp
his black boxerbriefs as he walked past, and then
a quick look at his round butt with the material of his boxerbriefs pulled
tight around his asscheeks before the room went dark as he flicked the
lightswitch. It looked so pert and inviting, and the roundness of it was in
complete contrast to the thin, paleness of the hairy legs beneath it and
the back above it, some of the vertebrae clearly showing.Under my bedclothes and in my briefs, I could feel my dick getting harder
and harder, pushing out against the confines of my underwear, until it felt
like the material might rip. I adjusted myself through my briefs and at
once wished I hadn't, as the feeling of my hand on my boner felt so good,
and I was really tempted just to begin jerking off there and then. I heard
Anthony roll over in his bed, reminding me that I wasn't alone in the
room. There was no way I wanted to jerk off with him awake and
listening. He'd think I was disgusting, not being able to control myself to
wait until I was in private.I rolled over myself until I lay on my side facing Anthony's bed across the
room. I could just about make out the shape of his body in his bed through
the darkness of the room if I squinted hard. He lay on his side with his
back to me, facing the wall.I closed my eyes and tried my best to get to sleep, but all I could think
about was the sight of him in just his cp kiddy bulging tight black boxerbriefs. My
dick was so hard it was getting uncomfortable.I need to jack-off so bad right now.I lay still in my bed. Anthony hadn't moved for quite a while. Maybe he'd
fallen asleep. If he had, there was nothing to stop me jacking myself off,
as long as I was ultra quiet about it. pre cp lolta thumbs He'd sleep through it and be none
the wiser, and I'd feel a lot better for it.I was pretty certain Anthony was asleep, but just to double-check, rape cp video
whispered his name."Anthony. Psst, Anthony""Yes", he replied.Shit! He's still awake! My mind raced with an excuse to use for wanting to
whisper his name while we were both trying to fall asleep."Umm...Oh, you're still awake.""Yes Brad I am. What was it you wanted?"Shit! He sounded a bit mad at me. Shit, shit, shit. Think Brad think! What
can you say?"Oh, um, nothing, it can wait till morning."Brad, you retard! What a lame thing to say!"Good job I wasn't asleep then, if you were going to wake me up just to
tell me that!""Yes. Sorry! Night then Anthony."Phew! He didn't seem that pissed at me after all and seemed to have taken
it in good humor. I'm so lucky to have such a chilled out roommate. xxx real cp I bet
not everyone would have been okay with me disturbing them when they were
trying to get to sleep.Anthony rolled back over to face his wall. I lay still in my bed, boner
still present in my briefs and hard as ever.Hurry up and fall asleep Anthony! I seriously can't wait much longer!I strained my ears, listening out for the relaxed, regular breathing that
would tell me Anthony had succumbed to sleep at last. Finally, I thought cp hentia I
heard it. Certainly, Anthony had been lying really still for ages cp galleries xxx
fidgeting. Yes, he must be forbiden underground cp porn asleep this time.Under my bedclothes, I quickly pulled down my briefs, releasing my rock
hard cock at last. Then I leaned russian illegal cp
over to my bedside table, and slowly, ever
so slowly, so as not to illegal pics boy cp make any noise and wake Anthony up, opened the
drawer to get out my lube and a couple Kleenex to mop up the sheets
afterwards.I squeezed kdz movie cp some lube into the palm of my hand and set to work on cp pics boys my
dick. It felt so good to finally be jacking off at last after the wait. The
image of Anthony standing in just his tight black underwear came back into
my mind as I stroked up and down my rock hard shaft, and a little shiver
ran right through me from the top of my spine to the tips of my toes and
back up to the very tip of my cock where my slippery lubed-up hand was
gliding. I let out a little gasp of pleasure at the sensation, I couldn't
help myself.Shit! That was maybe a little loud, it might have woken...I stopped my jacking, leaving my dick bouncing by itself beneath my
bedclothes, and listened to the silence of the room for a few
seconds. Anthony was still lying still and unmoving in his bed. It was
alright. cp porn portals topsite Jeez I was paranoid.I got a little more lube and went back to working on my dick, my stroking a
little faster this time. Part of me keen to get to the immense pleasure I
knew I was going to experience when I came, but part of me wanting to enjoy
the build-up for as long as I could.Fuck it felt good! I was trying to keep my breathing quiet as I jacked, but
as I got into it, it was becoming more and more difficult. I cp list porn thought again
of how good Anthony looked dressed in just his tight black boxerbriefs, and
moaned softly to myself as I remembered his bulge twitching, spelling out
the fact that something hid behind the black material.The image of Anthony's backview swam through my mind as the speed and
pressure of my stroking increased even more until I was squeezing my dick
as tight as I could and moving my hand so fast I was starting to get a pain
in my forearm. I moaned to myself as I imagined ripping off cp boys porno those black
boxerbriefs to expose his peachy ass in all its glory, wondering if it was
smooth, or hairy like his legs. Imagined pulling apart his asscheeks to
expose his rosebud and plunging my...Oh Fuck yes, I was going to cum!"Fuck!" I exclaimed maybe a little too loudly, but at that precise moment I
couldn't care less how loud I was."Fuck! Yes!"I could feel the cum coating my faintly defined abs, sliding down my body
through my pubes to the sheet beneath me, and let out a long, soft sigh of
complete ecstasy as I basked in my orgasm.I lay still in my bed, my dick still in my fist as it softened, feeling
totally relaxed. I finally opened my eyes and looked over at my
roommate. He still lay on his gallery cp nude
side facing the wall and didn't seem to have
moved at all since I'd begun my little jack-off session.Definitely banned cp mpg still asleep. That was a relief. I'd never shared a room before,
but didn't think hearing your roommate jacking off from across the other
side of the room was the sort of thing an ordinary guy would want to hear
as he tried to fall asleep. Especially if he'd only underground illegal cp known said roommate for
less than 48 hours.Although, actually, I wouldn't mind hearing Anthony jacking off. In fact,
it would probably be rather hot to hear. As if that was ever going to
happen though!
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